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Our Mission & Vision


A loan available for every Kenyan enrolled in higher education


To provide affordable loans to Kenyans pursuing Higher Education through adequate
mobilization and prudent management of resources

Core Values

To support achievement of the Vision and Mission,the Board will have to be guided by appropriate values. These are set of guiding principles that will be shared and practiced by staff and stakeholders. In consideration of the changed environment, the core values were identified as;


Employees will be accountable to key stakeholders of HELB and adhere to the highest ethical standards in performing their duties. They shall: Act in good faith, demonstrate highest level of integrity, create an atmosphere of trust & confidence


Employees will endeavor to be courteous to all customers at all times. While discharging duties, they shall be:  Respectful, attentive, polite, calm, tactful.

Transparency & Fairness:

Employees will strive to exercise fairness in service delivery. They shall:  Treat all customers equally , Ensure equity through providing equal opportunities for all and  ensure absence of double standards.


Employees will strive to offer service with utmost competence. In the conduct of every aspect of their tasks, they must:  Act with care and diligence and display professional skills.


Employees will maintain open communication and maximum cooperation internally and externally. Staff shall strive to ; Value contribution of others, have clear communication, maintain openness and accessibility to stakeholders and have active participation.