Diaspora Community

The following are the available loan repayment options for the Diaspora community:


You can now pay your HELB loan online. To make your payment:

  • Register an account with HELB online portal; if you already have an account please
  • Once logged in, click on Online Services > Online Payment menu.
  • Enter your National ID number as your account number
  • Enter the amount you are paying and click Pay Now.
  • A payment acknowledgement will be issued once the payment is successful.
  • HELB will issue an official receipt for the payment.

2.  WAVE

You can make payments instantly from the US and Canada through Wave via KCB account number 1103266314. Go to www.sendwave.com to update/download the app and then make transfers immediately. Once you complete the transaction, you will get a wave message like this;













NOTE : National ID number MUST be included as reference in all payments and enquiries.

For further queries, you can reach us on diaspora@helb.co.ke or 0711052000