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Welcome to the HELB publications. These publications provide a platform for interaction between HELB and stakeholders who include the Board of Directors, employees, donors, the government, the media and public in general. The publication provide authoritative and up-to-date HELB information from Kenya and beyond we would like to have your feedback please write  to

Service-charter-2017HELB Service charter 2017 (pdf) 2015 Annual ReportHELB Strategic Plan 2013-2018(pdf)
Annual-report-2016-final-1Annual report 2016 (pdf) Annual-report-2016-final-1Annual report 2015 (pdf)
2015 Annual ReportHELB Annual Report 2014 (pdf) annual-report-2012-2013HELB Annual Report 2013 (pdf)
annual-report-2012HELB Annual Report 2012 (pdf) annual-report-2011HELB Annual Report 2011 (pdf)
Annual-report-2009-final-1Download Annual Report 2009 (pdf) Annual-report-2008-final-1Annual report 2008 (pdf)