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Financial Partners

Directorate of  Public Service Management (Former MSPS)

The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Devolution and Planning- Directorate of  Public Service Management (Former MSPS) has partnered with Higher Education Loans Board to offer loans to civil servant for postgraduate studies. DPSM is duly charged with providing strategic direction in public human resource management and development. To this end, DPSM requested HELB to administer a Training Revolving Loan Fund for Public Service employees. HELB is sufficiently equipped with institutional capacity and requisite   experience to administer students’ loan scheme. Further, HELB has been bestowed with power to establish and maintain links with other persons, bodies, organizations within and outside Kenya, as deemed appropriate for furtherance of the purposes for which the Board exists. Hence, HELB is desirous of administering DPSM’s Training Revolving Loan Fund for Public Service employees to enable them acquire knowledge and skills in relevant critical areas. The loans are offered at 4% interest rates. The amount range from a minimum of Kshs. 50,000 to a maximum of Kshs 500,000. The repayment period is up a maximum of 72 months.

Nation Media Group

The Higher Education Loans Board in collaboration with Nation Media Group offers scholarship to assist needy students with excellence in sports ability to pursue university education in Kenya. NMG engaged the HELB services with regard to application and processing of the applications by students to establish their entitlement for the Scholarships. HELB has the institutional ability and competence to provide the services required by NMG with regard to the Scholarships. In this inaugural year, the scholarship is offered to students who are actively involved in sports and have been admitted to Kenyatta and University of Nairobi. The maximum awarded is Kshs 500,000 per annum per student.


Kenyatta University

The Higher Education Loans Board [HELB] has partnered with the Kenyatta University (KU) to support orphans, vulnerable and talented needy students to undertake degree programmes offered at Kenyatta University on self-sponsored basis. The two institutions will offer matching funds to Orphans, Vulnerable and Talented needy students to undertake undergraduate degree programmes offered at KU on self- sponsored basis. Whereas HELB offer matching loan of the maximum loan as per HELB policy at any particular time based on the means-testing instrument towards tuition fee; KU will offer matching scholarship of the remaining annual financial needs of the student hence the matching funds provided by KU will cover tuition. The criteria used in the process of administration of Orphans and Vulnerable Students scholarships at KU shall be adhered to.


University of Nairobi


Visa Oshwal scholarships

Oshwal aid in association with Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) offers scholarships to direct entry university students. The scholarships funds 20 students for the total tenure of study for undergraduate degree programme. The fund supports needy entrants in local universities to a maximum of Kshs 100,000 per annum. The application period is July to August every year.


 Afya Elimu Fund Project

The Board entered into partnership with Intra Health Kenya with a view to enhance access and equity to higher education specifically to health workers by way of granting them loans and scholarships dubbed FunzoKenya Loans. The loans target those already within the health sector workforce as well as those directly enrolled into approved institutions mandated in the training of health workers. The objectives of the program are to:  increase the production of new health workers in Kenya, promote quality and efficiency in delivery of health care, increase the pool of experts in different and specialized health fields, motivate and improve retention of health workers. Furthermore, the loans are targeted to students pursuing Certificate and Diploma courses. Application for this loan is done in September every year.


Latimer Education Fund.

The Higher Education Loans Board [HELB] has partnered with the Latimer Education Company, USA. The goal of Latimer is to improve access to higher education by offering financial support to identified students in identified institutions of higher learning in the United States of America and Africa. It also offers financial support in form of loans, bursaries or scholarships. Therefore, the partnership with HELB in regards to administration of the financial support to the identified students due to the Boards’ sufficient institutional capacity and requisite experience to administer student loan, bursary and scholarship schemes. Briefly, Latimer Education is an education management company headquartered in America that works with Black colleges and universities to help expand their reach and compete effectively by increasing access to their quality programs. Latimer Education, Inc. was founded in 2009 by a group of African-American entrepreneurs.


Education Bank Loan

HELB is charged with the responsibility of assisting students enrolled in universities within the East African Community to finance their education by offering them loans. However, the demand for loans has grown over time. Hence, the partnership between HELB and Cooperative, National and Commercial Bank of Africa Banks to provide personal loans to students enrolled in universities in the East African Community. The parents, guardians and sponsors of such students are subjected to the Bank’s personal Loan Scheme procedures.  The purpose of the loan is for payment of university fees for the students.