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Training Revolving Fund


The Training Revolving Fund (TRF) was introduced as part of the efforts by the Government of Kenya to assist Public Servants access funds at subsidized interest rates for training in order to enhance knowledge and skills considered critical for performance improvement and achievement of National development goals. The product is administered by Higher Education Loans Board in partnership with the Ministry of State for Public Service and was introduced in the year 2011/2012.

Awards (In Kenya shillings) Minimum : 30,000.00 Maximum: 500,000.00
Cover for postgraduate in civil services(Paid to training institutions directly) Local Trainings only Tuition, Examination, Library, Computer and Research
Cover for Short Courses (examinable-3 months)(Paid to training institutions directly) Technical & Professional courses
Eligibility Applicants should:

Commence studies the same financial year.

Ability to pay while studying based on the one third rule of basic salary as per the Employment Act.

Avail a letter of admission from a recognized training institution.

Have completed one year after completion of probation.

Have completed two years after completion of a long course Repaying or Repaid HELB loans if a beneficiary

Course applied for must:

Be relevant to officer’s duties
Have been identified as critical


Duly filled loan forms
Certified National ID. copies
Current pay slip
Admission letter

Recommendation letter from employer signed by accounting officer
Certified copies of guarantor’s ID’S

Mode of training
Designation of officer proceeding for training
Should be in the public service

Loan Interest Rate: 4% per annum
Current Monthly Repayment Rates and repayment period: Repayment period- up to 72 months
How to apply for the loan Application is done onlinebuttons
    Months It Will Take To Be Loan Free:
    Years It Will Take To Be Loan Free:
    Total Amount Payed To Lender:
    Total Interest Paid To Lender: