HELB Data Privacy Statement

HELB Data Privacy Statement


HELB Data Privacy Statement.

Personal Data we collect    Personal details of Applicants      Applicants name      Identification number      Email address      KRA Pin number      Mobile number      Date of birth      Postal address      Gender      Whether physical or mentally challenged  Bank details (Bank name, Branch name and Account number)    Current place residence      Nearest public primary school      County      Estate / village      Constituency      Sub-location      Location      Ward    Institutional details      Level of study      Institutional name      Faculty / School      Admission / Registration number      Year of admission      Current year of study      Year of completion      Admission category      Course    Education background  (Post primary schooling)      Level of study      Institution name      Exam year      Index number      Institution type      Country      Grade / point attained      Whether sponsored in high school / primary or not.

To enable us to execute our legal obligation of Financing Higher Education and loan repayments and recoveries as mandated to us by the government of Kenya;

For loan, bursary and scholarship application;

For loan, bursary and scholarship appraisal;

For loan, bursary and scholarship award;

For online financial literacy education;

For sharing with third party entities for purposes of resource mobilization;

For sharing with third party entities for data verification towards loan recovery;

For sharing with third party entities for data validation;

For conducting credit checks and credit scoring; Creating awareness of our new products and services and sending reminders on loan repayments;

For business analysis and intelligence to enable decision making and improvement of systems operations;

Sharing with parliament for accountability purposes;

To analyze trends and manage the volume of calls, texts, social media and customer relationship management (CRM) interactions to identify areas for improved customer service; and

Loan insurance             Mothers’ name             Mothers’ Identification number             Mothers’ NHIF deduction/payment rate             Mothers’ year of birth             Mothers’ highest level of education             Mothers’ phone number             Mothers’ KRA Pin number             Mothers’ employment status             Mothers’ occupation / profession          Mothers’ employer name          Mothers’ employer phone number          Mothers’ staff number          Fathers’ name          Fathers’ Identification number          Fathers’ NHIF deduction rate          Fathers’ year of birth          Fathers’ highest level of education          Fathers’ phone number          Fathers’ KRA Pin number          Fathers’ employment status          Fathers’ occupation / profession          Fathers’ employer name          Fathers’ employer phone number          Fathers’ staff number          Parents’ marital status          Orphaned or not          Parent(s) deceased or not

For loan, bursary and scholarship appraisal.             Name             Identification number             Phone number             Email Address             Postal address             Town             Constituency             Ward             Location          Sub-location          Employer name          Employer phone number          Employee number          Employer postal address          Employer email address          County          Year of birth

To support loan recovery process.