Maritime Education and Training Scheme (METS)

Maritime Education and Training Scheme (METS)


Maritime Education and Training Scheme (METS) offer financing to students pursuing courses in the Maritime Sector being offered at Bandari Maritime Academy and other Maritime Training Institutions (METI) approved by Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).

There are three products under METS with specified eligibilities;

  1. Academic: Applicants must be pursuing Craft certificate or Diploma in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering
  2. Proficiency:
    • STCW Courses
    • Applicants must have completed certificates or diploma in approved METI approved by KMA
    • Applicants must have relevant sea experience, a CDC (Seafarers Discharge Record Book and Certificate)/Seamans book should therefore be attached.
  3. Competency:
    • Certificate of Competency courses
    • Applicants must have a letter of eligibility from
    Kenya Maritime Authority

The interest rate applicable is 4% per annum on reducing balance chargeable upon Disbursement

  1. Academic: Loans are repayable one year upon completion of studies and the loan repayment period for certificate level is four (4) years and diploma five (5) years.
  2. Proficiency: STCW Courses The Proficiency loan repayment period will be one year.
  3. Competency: Certificate of Competency courses The Competency loan repayment period will be one year.

Are there other charges to the loan?

  • A loan processing fee of Kshs.500 is charged on each disbursement.
  • The loans are insured for loss of life and there is a premium/deductions that is charged.
    1. Applications are done online through the HELB student portal on
    2. Applicants should log in and fill out the required form depending on whether they are pursuing an Academic, Proficiency or Competency course.
    3. Print two copies of the application form.
    4. Ensure the form is properly filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities and guarantors
    5. Sign the form and attach all necessary documents as indicated in the check list appearing in the loan application form.
    6. Submit one copy of the duly completed application form with the necessary documents at the HELB Desk at the nearest Huduma Center or at Mezzanine 1 Anniversary Towers
    7. Retain one copy of the duly filled loan application form (Mandatory).

Additional information:

  • HELB will use the email and telephone contacts provided on the Loan Application
  • Form for communication on the progress of the application.
  • The number of students supported and will depend on availability of funds.
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