Training Revolving Fund (TRF)

Training Revolving Fund (TRF)

About TRF

  • This fund is set aside for Civil Servants in the National Government, County Governments, and National Police Service.
  • The Ministry of Public Service works in collaboration with HELB to facilitate this fund.
  • Usually students are awarded, between 30,000 and Ksh. 500,000.
  • It an ideal loan with an interest of 4% per year.

Courses Covered

  • Examinable short courses of at least 3months.
  • Post-graduate studies (Masters and PhD).


  • Admission letter from a recognized university or training institution in Kenya.
  • Recommendation letter from the employer.
  • A copy of 3months latest pay slip with a net pay above 1/3 of basic pay (certified by employer)
  • Certified copy of the national ID (certified by commissioner of oaths)
  • Certified copy of KRA pin Certified copy of national ID from two guarantors employed within the civil service.
  • Recent colored passport size photographs.


  • Repayment is due 1month after disbursement through check of system.
  • The maximum repayment period is 72 months [six years].
  • Interest is 4% per year and an annual ledger fee of Ksh.4000.

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