Loanees Portal

Loanees Portal


Settling student loan debt isn’t easy, but with commitment it is possible. Help educate tomorrow by paying your loan today.

How does it work?

You can download our enquiry form below or access the loanees portal for your balance statement, compliance and clearance.

Loanees’ Obligations

A loanee shall be required, subject to and in accordance with HELB Act 1995 or any regulations made there under,
within one year of completion of his studies or within such period as the Board decides to recall its loan whichever is
the earlier:

  •  To inform the Board of his/her contact address;
  • To begin repayment of his/her loan together with any interest accrued thereon;
  • If he is in formal employment, to authorize his employer to deduct the loan repayment and to remit it to HELB as directed.

When one takes out a loan, HELB will require the loanee to sign a declaration which is also a contract. This states that the loanee has read and understood the Terms and Conditions and will therefore agree to repay the loan in line with the regulations that apply at the time the repayments are due and as they are amended. The loanee must ensure to provide complete and correct information when taking out the loan. The Loanee should update HELB about any changes in their details;

  • During the application process;
  • While still at university or college; and
  • Until the loan is repaid in full.

The loan agreement is a contract.

Information required

Some of the mandatory information required on the Enquiry Form for effective processing and recovery of the loans shall include the

  • National Identification (ID) and
  • Personal Identification number (PIN)
  • Contacts such as Postal addresses, Telephone, Emails
Loanees Responsibilities
  • To repay loan in line with the regulations;
  • Maintain up to date personal details (for example, if your address, name or employment details change)
  • Comply with HELB requests and processes;
  • Keep track of own repayments;
What you can expect from us
  • Statements showing your loan repayment status are available on
  • Certificate of clearance upon completion;
  • Certificate of Compliance for non-loanees or loanees who are consistently repaying are available on
  • Guidance on your loan and repayments;
  • Refunds of any overpayments;