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Partner With Us

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What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

For the last 27 years, HELB has empowered dreams of more than 1.23Million students and disbursed over Kshs. 130.1Billion. As of 31st December 2021, there were 644,361 mature loan accounts holding Kshs. 80.9Billion out of which 254,135 beneficiaries [loanees] holding Kshs. 26Billion have completed their loan repayment and 283,015 loanees worth Kshs 44.3Billion repaying their loans. There were 594,006 loanee accounts not yet due for repayment as they were either still students or within the one-year grace period before repayment is due. Loanees in default were 107,211 holding Kshs 10.6Billion. This translated to HELB Loan Book performance of 73%.

Number Of Students Who Missed Funding

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