Devolved Funds



HELB partners with County Governments and Constituencies to manage their bursary schemes and set up a revolving fund.

Partner with us today so that we empower the dreams of your County Residents/Constituents together!

This is how we can get it done:

  • Signing of a service contract
  • Working together on drafting necessary legislation
  • Setting up joint technical working group to operationalize the fund
  • funding the revolving fund
  • Inviting applications
  • Setting up selection criteria to be automated by HELB
  • Disbursing the funds to the successful applicants
  • Recovering the funds for other students to benefit

Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Data sharing so no multiple funding of same student
  • Transparent online application platform
  • Automated selection criteria
  • Superior recovery mechanisms to make the fund revolve for sustainability
  • Joint resource mobilization efforts to boost the kitty
  • Information sharing e.g. County Career Day activities