HELB Loan Repayment

HELB Loan Repayment


HELB Loan Repayment

HELB loan repayment

The HELB loan repayment has transitioned from the traditional repayment channels to the E-Citizen payment gateway. Payment of HELB loan can be made by an individual or an employer (checkoff).

For the individual.

There are three platforms to enable the HELB customer to make payments for their loan:

  1. USSD/HELB mobile App.
  2. HELB portal

For the USSD

  • Dial *642#

  • Login
  • Select 5. Loan Repayment

  • Select 4. Repay loan.

  • Select whether to pay via M-PESA or need a deduction schedule to pay through an employer.

  • If you select 1 M-PESA.

  • Select whether to pay the full amount or pay specific amount.
  • If you select to pay a specific amount, enter the amount.

  • Confirm

  • You will receive a notification from E-Citizen with an invoice number, amount to pay and the Paybill.

  • Enter your M-PESA pin.

  • You will receive notifications from Mpesa and E-citizen acknowledging the payment.

For HELB portal

  • On the portal, select the self-serve option on the HELB menu.

  • Under the self-serve option, select Loan Repayment

  • And then select on the button name “Make Payment”.

  • Fill in the amount to pay and click “Pay”.

  • You will receive a notification to confirm.

  • Once confirmed, the payment options will be displayed as below.

  • Select your preferred payment option (Please note that bank payments require you to do cash deposit; the one selected below is the Equity bank option)


  • In the case of M-PESA option, you will be required to select “send STK”.

  • A prompt will be sent to your phone.


  • Enter you M-PESA pin

  • Once the payment has been made, then select ‘Complete’.
  • You will receive notifications from E-citizen and Mpesa immediately after the payment has been made, and another notification from HELB once the payment has been allocated to the statement.


For Employers

  1. Upload Remittance List


  1. Confirm the accepted amount

  1. Once confirmation is complete, the page below will be displayed.

  1. Click on Payments in the sidebar Menu

  1. Choose the remittance record you want to pay for then click on Make Payment button.

A pop-up screen will appear with data fields of phone number and amount.

Key in the phone number and then click on Process Payment Button.

  1. The system will validate data entered and then redirect you to a payment processing page.

Choose the desired mode then proceed and initiate payment.

  1. Once payment has been accepted, click on complete button. This will redirect you to the payment request page and update the remittance.
  2. Once redirected, the payment will be automatically updated with the receipt number visible, and status is completed.

  1. On the sidebar menu, click on statements to view updated and paid remittances. You can proceed and generate the Receipt.


  1. Receipt sample.


Employers making payments of Kes. 250,000 and below will be allowed to pay via M-PESA. They will be required to provide the phone number that will be making the payment and then go through the payment as directed.